2010 Fletcher Per Ella Sparkling Nebbiolo

2010 Fletcher Per Ella Sparkling Nebbiolo, King Valley, Vic

Those of you who are not familiar with Dave Fletcher, here is the briefest of bios. Dave makes nebbiolo, only nebbiolo, and he makes it in Victoria and Italy. His label consists of three different local table wines, and Barbaresco and Barolo, of which only one has been released in Australia, there are more to follow. He is Captain Nebbiolo. I find this single minded approach to one grape very interesting.

The Per Ella sparkling nebbiolo was launched on Monday ( 22nd April 2013). It will be available very soon in good bottle shops near you. There is very little produced. The wine spends three years on lees and has no dosage. For that kind of elevage, it is remarkable that this costs less than $40, although scarcity could well push that up.

It has a warm sunshine hue, not orange, but golden.  This wine is has serious presence. I love the palate weight, the sense of age without the vegemitey bronzed element. It has quince and citrus, the orange kind, and a floral, talc, saffron, honey nougat thing going on too. It is savoury and the bead is lovely, making the mouth feel all the more enjoyable. I haven’t mentioned the acid, but it’s very good too, fresh and very fine. I believe this wine sits alongside some of the top sparkling wines Australia has on offer. A terrific first release.


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