2010 Schiopetto Blanc des Rosis Bianco Venezia Giulia

2010 Schiopetto Blanc des Rosis Bianco Venezia Giulia, Italy

I love multi grape blends, in particular the whites from Italy. They always seem more alive, textural and interesting than mono varietal wine. I like the fact that the expectation is utterly removed. Actually that’s not really the case, as I like them, I do have an expectation, I just don’t know what grape will stick out the most. The good ones are harmonious and everything works as a unit, giving a singular fruit expression, if such a thing is possible. Anyway, I like them, and this wine is no exception.

I’ve not bothered to see what the grapes are, they are mainly white, I presume, and I seem to remember something about friulano and sauv blanc. I gave this wine a shake, a decant would also be good and it’s not too cold. Just below a good red temp, perhaps 14 or so. The wine is full, looks yellow in the glass and has a slippery mouth feel, but not unctuous. It’s spicy and savoury, like celery and bitter herbs with almond milk, citrus peel and wax. The core of fruit is subtle ripe green pear. There is also a little red lolly thing going on, it adds not detracts. This wine is complex and interesting, delicious and full yet still refreshing. That slight bitterness is ace. RRRP $40 If you want to find a wine comparison, think viognier with sancerre and gruner veltliner all in the one cup.



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