New releases from Howard Park, Margaret River

2017 Howard Park Miamup Chardonnay

Plenty of colour in the glass, the nose is really forward brimming with ripe fruit.  It’s super primary, and needs time to settle and soften. On opening it’s sweet fruit, oak spice, confected banana and hard stony acid. I imagine it will come together in a few more months and will be all the better for it. Chuck a 6 pack under the stairs and revisit in Spring.

RRP $28

2017 Howard Park Flint Rock Chardonnay, Mount Barker

Another Chard with a  big presence in the glass, plenty of colour and intensity on the nose. This seems a little more together than the Miamup at this stage of it’s life. It’s still got that intense ripe sweet fruit expression, but there is something more rounded, more complex and more settled. It’s a nicer glass of wine in my opinion and that omnipresent fruitiness will integrate in a few months to make it quite delicious.

RRP $28

2017 Howard Park Miamup Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Super fresh, grassy and blackbcurrant up front, then a steely herby passion fruit note. Seemingly sweet, the acid struggles to hold down a dry impression. It’s soft on the palate, incredibly aromatic and fruit driven.

RRP $28

2017 Howard Park Miamup Sauvignon Blanc

This is more subdued than the SBS, sitting much lower in the glass, and I prefer it. It’s still got great fruit expression, but feels drier, tighter and more refined. Classic Sauvignon Blanc notes, ripe tropical fruits with a savoury vegetal edge to it. A solid wine.

RRP $28


2017 Howard Park Margaret River Chardonnay

This is certainly a structure first type wine. Whereas the early Chards were fruit and fruit, this is subtlety and barrel notes. The mouthfeel is super silky, but not flabby, the acid is precise but not over bearing. It’s surprisingly quiet given the generosity of the previous two. There is a little matchstick, some white nectarine, some light honey.  It reminds me more of a Chablis than anything from WA I can think of  at the moment. A wall flower perhaps, but still a nice glass of wine.

RRP $58


2017 Flint Rock Pinot Noir, Great Southern

Light and bright in the glass, appropriately translucent. The nose is pretty savoury, dark spice, bittering herby notes  jumbled with sweet strawberry too. There is a note of cola and dried orange peel and rhubarb. The palate is soft and shows more sweet fruit than the nose suggests. It’s very approachable and easy on the palate, no real tannins to speak of, nothing to get in the way of drinking a great big glass, but would be make better with more stuffing and complexity in my opinion.

RRP $28






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