Welcome to my website. I’ll keep it simple.

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Learn about wine.

I run my beginners wine courses every month at the Commercial Club Hotel in Fitzroy. They are $75 for a 2 hour session looking at up to 10 wines. Apart from loads of easy to access information about wine, I also buy you some hot chips. It is quite a bit of fun. Read what some people who did it have said. Book one now.

This is what Pam said – I promise she is not my Mum

“Fun and informative evening, taught by the nicest guy in Melbourne’s wine industry”

This is what Rita said

“My husband and I found this beginners wine experience very worthwhile. Ben taught us a lot about the wines we drink in a fun, relaxed manner. We didn’t get preached to. We got to taste 10 different wines and learnt about how they’re made and bottled. It was a very interesting and enjoyable evening.”

This is what Emily said

“This course is really well set up and run. There were a wide range of experience levels and drinking preferences among participants, and Ben was able to create an experience with something for all of us. He has extensive experience and this is obvious, but he also managed to create a really comfortable environment where we could ask really simple questions without feeling silly. I’ve come away with a much clearer understanding of some of the basics and how to consider different wines.”

Learn about wine in your home or office.

I run private wine sessions for you and your friends and or colleagues. Standard sessions are a hour and a half, we taste through 8 wines and it’s at your home or office ( or where ever). A session can cater for up to 20 people and is $650. Your house, your food, my booze. Too much fun. Book one now.

My day to day job is wine consulting.

I also work with a bunch of restaurants in Melbourne, helping them with their wine lists and staff training. If you have a venue and would like to talk about getting me in to help your staff, make you more money, and have a killer wine list, just click here.

I probably should add a picture here, but instead of that, here is a link to buy some wine WINE WINE WINE